Search Crush SEO Presents
The Digital Marketing Minute Series

Digital Marketing Minute - All About SEO Video Series From Search Crush SEO
Welcome to our First Video Series…
Everything you wanted to know about SEO
(but were afraid to ask).

We’ve compiled this first set of  7 short videos for beginners
who want to quickly understand what the SEO craze is all about!

We’re calling this The Digital Marketing Minute, so you guessed it,
each video is only 60 seconds. This means you’ll be an expert in like, well 7 minutes!

OK, get ready get set, here comes the first one where we look at what SEO actually is.

Digital Marketing Minute #1:
What Is Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing Minute #2:
Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

Digital Marketing Minute #3:
Why does your Business Need SEO?

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Digital Marketing Minute #4
How To Get Your Website To Show Up on The Search Engines

Digital Marketing Minute #5
How Do Search Engines Work?

Digital Marketing Minute #6
What Factors Rank a Website?

Find out how your Website compares to your Competition!

Digital Marketing Minute #7
How Has SEO Changed Over The Years?

Congrats on making it thru all of our quick SEO videos!

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  1. Hey! I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very
    good results. Can you help?

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