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Jamie is outstanding at multimedia marketing and search engine optimization. He’ll create the ideal campaign that achieves results. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level by maximizing their online presence.
Deborah E. Sewitch
I’ve called Jamie a number of times to discuss SEO techniques and he provided a much-needed sense of calm and competence when situations grew rough. Any business person who wants to drive more traffic and attain more clients would definitely benefit from Jamie’s services at Search Crush SEO.
John Lemolo
When it comes to search engine marketing, Jamie is an expert. Anyone serious about SEO for their business should work with Mr. Buck. You’ll get clarity and direction on what is needed to optimize your website and online presence so that you can rank higher. Highly recommended!
Sebastian Beja

Why Working With Local Baltimore SEO Agency, Search Crush SEO, Makes Sense.

If you own a Baltimore-based local business, then it makes sense to hire a local company to do your marketing. While any firm that offers Search Engine Optimization might be able to help you perform a little better in the search rankings, an agency that speaks your language and knows your area, will give you an edge over the competitors. Baltimore SEO digital agency Search Crush SEO, knows the Baltimore area geography, slang, competitors, and special local events that a remote agency would not be able to offer you.

Another reason that a Baltimore SEO company is best for a Baltimore-based business is that of convenience. When you’re working with an SEO agency that has an office not far from you, it’s easier to arrange conference calls (no worries about time zones), and obviously, it’s possible to meet face to face.

Local SEO in Baltimore can play a role from a technical standpoint as well. Do you even know where your website’s servers are located right now? If you bought your website cheaply from an outsourcing site, then it could be located on a server in a foreign country, which might actually adversely affect your Search Engine Optimization.

The longer your site takes to load, the more likely that people will press the back button. This registers a ‘bounce’ in your logs, and the search engines start to notice if this happens frequently. In fact, the SERPS will track how long your page takes to load, and they are aware as to where your server is located. If it’s located on the other side of the world and your business website loads slowly, then that will count against you in the search rankings. That’s not to say that you can’t rank number one if your server is located outside of the Baltimore, Maryland, USA area (like France). But – if you’re competing against another company that has an established domain, a locally hosted website, consistent traffic and good content, then the location your site is hosted in could be the determining factor that makes the difference between ranking in spot number one or two.

A Baltimore SEO expert should understand that and look to address it potentially recommending a local hosting provider. Here at Search Crush SEO, we’ll offer advice about local Cockeysville and Baltimore area directories that you should have your site listed on. Also, we can share local bloggers, newspaper publications and online magazines that you can share your content with or even do a promotion with.

When it comes to managing online campaigns, SEO companies in Baltimore should be able to help you with things like setting a budget, timing the advertising to match important events, picking keywords, tracking the performance of your competitors, and more. All of which Search Crush can help with.

At Search Crush SEO, we are a local Baltimore online marketing company that provides a very high quality of service at highly competitive rates. We can give you more personal service as we only take on a certain number of clients. We know this area so we can focus our research on the details that really matter… your specific business. We’ll devise a plan to take you to the top of Google, so you eventually be number one in your niche, crushing your competition. Our overhead is lower than an SEO firm on the other side of the world. Quite frankly, everything is easier when it’s local, and that matters a lot when it comes to pricing our services. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, lead generation, video marketing and reputation management are all offered at monthly rates you can afford. The service and skills from Search Crush SEO are impeccable.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to go it alone. While there are some things that you can do to promote your own website, it’s easy to slip up. A lot of the advice out there about link building and website promotion is outdated and advocates strategies that border on spam. If you stumble into one of these areas and go down the wrong path, then your site could suffer in the rankings. Instead of risking spammy behavior, look for someone that understands modern organic SEO for Baltimore. Search Crush SEO can help with mobile friendliness, accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), improving your domain authority, bringing in organic backlinks, and helping both your traffic and rankings grow.

Remember that SEO is a sustained effort, and what you do now will need to be supported with consistent work for the lifespan of the website. Spending a lot of money now won’t help you if you don’t keep drip-feeding the search engines with more links, more engagement, and more content to index. The search engines want local, relevant, accurate and entertaining content that is current. Let the pros at Search Crush SEO help your Baltimore-based business dominate the search engines. We rank. You bank.

Stop losing customers to your competition. Search Crush SEO will drive more online leads to your business.

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