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Digital Marketing Minute #1: What Is Search Engine Optimization?

How Search Crush SEO is different than other Agencies

At Search Crush SEO, we specialize in providing clients with a customized, high-quality approach when it comes to Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Our agency serves clients all over the country, helping skyrocket the search rankings of growing businesses.

Search Crush is your go-to B2B digital marketing agency focusing on local SEO services, content marketing, web development, link building, video marketing, branding, outreach and more.

How we’re Unique:

1. Monthly Contracts

We’re so confident about our work that we put a month-to-month contract policy into place. If you’re not happy with the results, rest assured you’re not locked into a year deal.

2. Highest-Quality Organic SEO

Our SEO experts and mentors rank in the Top 5% in the world and we constantly strive to come up with brand new ideas and strategies to help our clients. Rely on our SEO consultant services to grow your business quicker and get ahead of your competition.

3. More Sessions, More Impressions, More Hits

We dig deep into Google Analytics Increased Rankings – Increased Respect Thanks to the services offered by our local SEO company, your business will gain more exposure in the near future. This translates to more potential clients and more sales. Organic Search Engine Optimization alone can increase your profits without spending a lot on advertising.

4. Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Our local SEO agency works with the most brilliant minds in the SEO industry to provide you with helpful insights when it comes to local search engine marketing, Google algorithm changes, and current trends. We’ll keep you informed with a QIP Report (Queries, Impressions and Position) so you know exactly how many more visitors your site is attracting each month. 

5. First in the SERPs

Increased rankings = increased respect. The SEO experts at Search Crush will help you rank higher in the search engine results pages and make your website visible to more internet users. Our SEO specialists will help you increase clicks and click thru rate, surpassing your competition.

6. No Outsourcing

The SEO services we provide are done completely in-house and we don’t use black hat tactics or other shortcuts to cut corners.

Now it is the perfect time to request a complete analysis of your website. Once you fill out our Discovery Form an SEO consultant at Search Crush SEO will reach out to you.

How we help your business THRIVE.

Search Engine Optimization

Our experts make use of local SEO strategies and multiple other Digital Marketing tips and techniques to help businesses stay ahead of the competition and rank higher in Google searches. Remember that if you’re not on the first results page on Google, the future of your business can be compromised. Our SEO agency helps to ensure your website is continually moving up in the ranks, as we strive for Top 3.

Social Media Marketing

It is futile to have excellent products and services to sell if no one has ever heard of your business. Our local SEO agency helps you establish yourself as an authority on social media networks. This will translate into more exposure and ultimately more profits. We will make sure that your brand receives enough likes, shares, tweets, and +1’s to launch your business on a surefire path to success!

Reputation Management

Our SEO agency is one of the most prestigious in Baltimore because we help businesses maintain a clean reputation, besides providing excellent local SEO services. Our SEO experts can easily handle negative comments and reviews, getting recommendations, referrals, and other social signals.

Website Design

A good website is paramount to the success of your business. We have partnered with an incredible website design company that will achieve the look that matches your business. Then, we provide outstanding, relevant on-page content to keep readers engaged, interactive and loyal. Our SEO experts will make sure that your website is responsive, functional on all types of devices, and delivers a consistent message to your audience.

As Local SEO Experts, we’re on a mission to help more local businesses crush their competitors!

We implement proven strategies to attract more customers to your website. Prospects are searching for what you have to offer… but are they finding you or your competition? Don’t lose customers, capture them.

Get Search Crush SEO in your corner to kick up your online presence and get your local business noticed! Our targeted online marketing strategies are designed to introduce new streams of revenue into your business. The result? An incredible ROI.

Want to kick your competition’s butt?
Get Local SEO results that stick!


Jamie Buck has come a long way in a short time. His dedication to a complete understanding of SEO systems and digital marketing methods will prove to be invaluable to the growth of your business.

Kotton Grammer
Kotton Grammer

I’ve called Jamie a number of times to discuss digital marketing techniques and he provided a much-needed sense of calm and competence when situations grew rough. Any Baltimore business who wants to attain more clients would definitely benefit from the services at Search Crush SEO.

John Lemolo
John Lemolo

When it comes to search engine marketing, Jamie is an expert. Anyone serious about SEO for their business should work with Mr. Buck. He and his team will optimize your website and online presence so you can rank higher. Highly recommended!

Sebastian Beja
Sebastian Beja

Why should you work with Search Crush SEO?

Our main headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland and we serve the entire area and its surroundings. Plus, we have satellite offices across the country and even a location outside the U.S. You can depend on our SEO company to increase your online presence and website traffic. We will saves you a great deal of time, offer high-quality advice and consulting, and ensure a progressive growth in your website visits. Our SEO experts analyze your business, come up with a strategy to increase traffic and add value to your website on a daily basis.

When beginning the process to move up in the ranks, it is essential to be in good company to learn and understand the ropes quicker and progress at a rapid pace. As Zig Ziglar said, “if you want to fly with the eagles, you should stop scratching with the turkeys.” Search Crush SEO will get you there!

Digital Marketing Minute #2: Why Is SEO important?
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Get familiar with the technicalities of SEO services

No, you don’t have to become a technical expert, you just have to know how important it is to have your servers located as close to your business as possible. For example, a website which runs on servers located halfway across the world might experience lag and downtimes which can seriously affect its rankings in the SERPs.

If your website loads slowly, your visitors are more likely to become bored and hit the back button without ever returning to your website. Did you know that the average attention span of a web user is just a couple of seconds? If you don’t use those seconds to your advantage, you lose a potential customer each time.

At Search SEO Crush, our local SEO experts take the location of your servers into account when it comes to maximizing your chances of being featured on the first positions of Google for your keyword. This simple trick can make the difference between a successful and profitable company and an average one which just barely gets by.

We’ll connect you with local blogs and businesses

Outreaching is highly important when it comes to making yourself known to the world. Especially, if you’re a local business looking to gain more traction. A little bit of promotion and advertising on local blogs, business directories, magazines, and other media can really help out. We routinely work with professionals located in the local area and can connect you with top people who can assist in getting your website exposed to more potential customers.

Manage your online campaigns

Running a successful ad campaign is crucial for any business and our SEO agency can help you make this important step with high chances of success. Everything from picking the right keywords, monitoring the progress of your competition, timing your advertising campaigns and picking the right slogans is important. SEO experts should definitely assist in the process. Our company will make sure that your online campaigns are properly managed and adjusted to bring you an excellent return on investment (ROI) and high traffic towards your website.

Enjoy high-quality digital marketing services

The Search Crush SEO company trains our team to be seasoned specialists who can easily manage the intricacies of developing a successful website. We take into account everything from search engine optimization, lead generation, video marketing, social media marketing, website content creation, article optimization of your blog to keeping up with the latest changes with Google’s algorithms.

Best of all, we offer our professional online marketing services on a monthly basis. No long contracts that you’re locked into. Factor us into your advertising budget and get more bang from your buck. Either party can part ways with a 30-day notice, but we’re so confident that as you see your business start to grow, you’ll want to continue until you’ve reach the very top! Local Search Engine Marketing is not brain surgery but there are a lot of moving parts to consider, hence your best decision is to outsource this task to us to really see results.

Have more time to focus on more important aspects related to your business

It is tempting to think that you can handle the marketing aspect of your website on your own. However, did you know that trends are changing at an insane speed every year? Do you have the time to learn everything you need to know to put your website on the top position of Google, Bing and Yahoo? Most company owners would rather spend their time and efforts on other aspects and leave digital marketing to a result-oriented professional SEO agency, namely Search Crush SEO.

Since we take this responsibility off your shoulders, you can focus on improving the products and services you sell. You can think of new business strategies and campaigns or simply take some time off to recuperate and relax. No matter how disciplined and focused you are, you cannot do everything at once, so use this opportunity to externalize internet marketing services to us and you won’t be disappointed.

The compound effect of our efforts will amaze you in a couple of months

Many website owners rely solely on paid advertising in an attempt to get more business. Remember this will only work as long as you’re spending money on ads. As soon as you turn this off, all traffic goes away. But – with organic seo, your business is building growth for the longterm. As you add a bit of value each and every day, you become more relevant to more prospects who in turn will transform into raving fans. This will create a compound effect which will not be ignored by Google. Our SEO experts will help you slowly build a better online presence on a daily basis and before you know it will snowball into a huge success. Yes, it will take time to rank. If you have a little patience, a positive attitude and follow our lead, soon you’ll be on top for your keywords, crushing your competition. That is out mission at Search Crush SEO. #CrushYourSearch

Stop losing customers to your competition. Search Crush SEO will drive more online leads to your business.

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Don’t ignore this opportunity to make your business thrive. Our local marketing solutions have helped numerous companies increase their Google rankings for keyword searches. Now, it’s your turn.

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